A lot of people are on different social media platforms today, some for the fun of it, some for business and others for both.

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, all of them have their specialty. Two thing that is common to them all is that they all make billions of dollars out of their users via advertisement and other means and as well they give room for businesses to connect potential clients and customers via advertisement and strategic marketing.
Now the questions is, what exactly do you use social media platforms for? Like I pointed out earlier, you answer can be from three options, fun, business or both but one thing is you can’t mix both in your business, it is a bad idea.
If you think you are just catching your fun on Facebook or you are the current champion on Twitter, and you don’t have the intention of making money out of them, then this article is probably not meant for you.
But if opposite of the above is your case, ask yourself how many leads and converted customers, clients or buyers have you gotten from social media? Do you work for social media or put social media to work? If you cannot give a reasonable figure, then you need to read this short article.
Let me go straight to the point. “Social media” for any business must add another word to make it profitable; hence “Social Media Marketing”. If this is your way of pronouncing it, and this is the way you see it, then you will take it serious; more like the way you do your normal day-to-day marketing.
The Internet has a lot of potential customers, clients and buyers. How you reach them is an outcome of your social media marketing plan and not the numbers of twitter followers you have. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have a lot of followers but you have to do this strategically and not aggressively, remember you want customers and not figures.
To make your social media marketing a reality and put social media to work, consider these points:

1. Your use of social media is for business

I have said this before and I am repeating it again, it’s better you stick to doing business with these platforms, any other motive aside this is a waste of time. Even the entertainment business that look like fun to an end-user is a business to those that run it.
Take your business formal and serious the way you do in your concrete office, do not mix business with fun. Understand that you are literary doing your normal marketing. I have seen some business twitter account post irrelevant topics on twitter, soon they get irrelevant comment and irrelevant followers. Soon their business deviate from the original plan and that is how they lost it. Putting up a social media marketing platform is just like planting a seed, you have to care for it, water it and weed it. When you add other harmful things to the soil, you know what can happen.

2. Understand that it is a marketing medium

Some people never believe that they can actually get potential customers online. They just follow the trend of having social media platforms for their business, put it on their brand collateral perhaps make it one of their brand collateral and that’s all. Although this could be good enough but I believe a serious-minded business should use the social media as a marketing tool. It’s a big market and everyone should have a share. Let your branding, marketing strategy and creative content do the speaking, believe me your business will go a long way.

3. Put it in your organization marketing plan

Reputable organization have marketing plans, but many of them do not include social media marketing in their plans. I told one of our clients sometimes ago that a post on Facebook with quality graphics sells you ten times more than moving around the city. Take time to have a social media marketing plan for your business. If you dont understand how social media works, you can hire a social media marketing expert.

4. Invest time and money

According to internetlivestat.com, there are 3 billion plus Internet user in the world. Isn’t this a big market to tap into? Big brands use the Internet to perform 50 to 70% of their marketing. They invest heavily into online advertisement and trust me, they get the return. Online advertisement and marketing investment is worth it. Depends on your business, the returns might not come immediately but when it comes, it’s like waterfall. I strongly advice that you set aside budget for social media marketing and advertisement. Note that when you expect to get result from social media without investment, you get frustrated.

5. Be creative with your marketing

In traditional marketing, you might spend all the money but if you are not creative with your presentation, you might not get the desired result. Marketing creativity is very key when it comes to social media marketing. The way you serve content to users have to be unique. You must be full of new and relevant ideas and invest more in creative writing and content marketing.
Some brands have in-house creative writers and directors that work on their contents for social media. Some businesses complement their website with a blog. When we say creative writing, it is not about the big grammars, it is about informative and educative contents that give people better understanding of what you do and why they need to patronize you. Depends on your business, put together a creative team, reach your clients and get their attention by different means like polls, offers, gifts and so on. it is not a hard work except your business doesn’t have any marketing structure put in place.

6. Be consistent

Consistency in social media marketing is what make people believe you exist and you brand is not some flash light in their eyes. A consistent social media marketing give potential client the assurance that you truly exist and you are here to stay. If you have an advertisement plan with any social media platform, be consistent with it, even if it has to be a low-budget. Create new post all the time, say something new but in scope, put yourself before their eyes everyday. They might not need you today but they might refer you tomorrow.

7. Believe that it is not magic

Like I point out in our last post, result of marketing doesn’t come like magic, it comes from the measure of the strength, creativity, investment and consistency you put in place. Result might not come immediately but if you have a good social media marketing plan, Do you think you are putting social media marketing to work? Here are 7 things you need to do to make social media marketing work for you.you follow it strictly and you have a very good social media marketing expert or consultant, things should fall into place as expected.


Consider taking your business online and marketing it to the world. It is the modern-day trend and it has come to stay. If you want to be successful as a small, medium or large brand put the social media to work.
If you need help with your corporate branding, putting up your own website, e-commerce site, social media marketing consultancy, Internal I.T audit or even advertising online, you can contact us today, we’ll surely interpret your abstractions into profitable reality.

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