Everyone knows that advertisement is the backbone of every business growth is advertisement, whichever medium and mechanism you choose, print media, fliers, newspapers, television, radio, cinema, Internet/web advertising, mobile advertising, the lists are endless.

Advertising is not about blowing the money, it’s about strategically taking your business to the interested customers and making sure they get to patronize you by applying any strategic means possible.
Before now, the most effective means of advertising is print media, television and radio, but in the present time, I will personally say you rule out television and radio, because apart from the fact that it is expensive for small and medium businesses, the rate at which people get glued to their television has reduced. Yes people are are used to getting glued to on particular screen or the other, television is just not it anymore.
What are the things people see on television that interest them? News? Well they can see all news in the world as they are happening live mere scrolling on Facebook or directly on Twitter. How about movies? Well how many times have you watched movies on TV? and how many times have you watched movies from your laptop/PC or even online? You be the judge.
How about the newspaper and prints. When a designer gives you a very powerful graphics, full-page A3 and you decided to advertise on any newspaper dailies like Punch, Vanguard or This Day, you realize that you spend a minimum of NGN 450,000.00 and you can only advertise for a day. One thing that pains me most is, you can’t see insights of who and who reads your ads, who took actions and who are interested.
How about the radio? I will say you leave that to those who love the traditional life.

Why Online Advertisement. 

When it comes to serious advertising, social media is the way to go for any serious small. medium or large scale businesses. The power of this medium is endless. You are on control, you choose what to spend, where to spend, how to spend, where to market, your target audience, your target locations and so on.
One thing is certain, you spend when it come to social media marketing, but the true thing is when you spend wisely, you get better result. Result is the key thing in marketing and that is what elevates a business.

Mediums of Social Media Marketing:

To use social media as a source of marketing, you need to understand the various mediums available, find a startup list below:

1. Facebook Ad:

Okay, we use Facebook everyday and basically, some people’s business grow when we do our scrolling. I understand you know people place ad on Facebook but have you every imagine you can actually place your own advert on Facebook as well. It is not a must you understand the details, when you have a very good social media marketer, they can always take care of the technicality for you but believe me, it is not ad, if you are curious and you want to control your business, you can employ a competent social media marketer to train you on how to use this tool to build your business.
Advertising on Facebook is achievable and not so expensive, with $5 a day, you can get more likes to your page or more leads to your website. If you do your maths right, with $150 (Less than NGN 30,000) a month, you can get up to 4,000 likes to your Facebook page and up to 20,000 reach, same applies to lead to your website.
If you need someone to manage your Facebook advertisement, please contact us today.

2. Twitter Interactions:

Twitter is a powerful tools for any business. We advice a “keep it strategically flowing and meaningful” strategy when it comes to twitter. Twitter ad is not available in Nigeria presently but some big organizations find their way around it. If you can and you wish you can go ahead, but I believe Twitter gives you what for free what you pay for on Facebook if you are consistent and an active user. Twitter actually suggest your account to people in your demographic environment and interest without paying. All you have to do is to be active as stated earlier.
If you are creative and you can supply a flow of 160 characters that best describe what you do and what can benefit people in a constant manner, you are likely to be contacted on the fly. If I say on the fly, I mean on twitter as things fly. If you are not available to track your mentions and your direct message, you may have thrown away that potential customer/client.
Twitter marketing is wide and it is beyond the scope of this article but like I said for Facebook, you can employ an expert to train you on twitter marketing strategy.

3. Google Ads and Adword:

When it comes to Internet ad, Google is the king. With years of proven consistency, they can advertise almost anything you provide. Google can suggest your site, online store or blog to people when they search a keyword on Google search (adword) or place your banner on different website (Google ad). All these are available and can be collaborated with Google plus, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and Google for business.
Apart from paying Google for ads, you can actually appear on Google as a business at no cost by registering for Google my business.

4. LinkedIn Connection power:

LinkedIn help people connect career wise. To cut the story short, that is where you meet and connect with most of the decision makers of companies. LinkedIn takes away the fun and goes straight to business. So when you feel the same way, head over to LinkedIn, get connected to the right set of people and start marketing. Remember, the essence of this article is advertising and LinkedIn does not restrict the number of people you can connect with so keep connecting. You can as well advertise on LinkedIn, click here to get started.

5. Content Marketing:

You want to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or even a social media on Mars, but remember there are a lot of people who do what you do and who are also online. When you as a person needs the service of a professional, you head over to Google or a reputable search engine for suggestion, but remember, pages of your website might not actually be relevant to the users keyword but you either have product the user requested or you offer the searched services, content marketing speaks for you in the court of search engine robot. if you are reading this content now, you have probably Googled something on social media marketing, this post shows up and you might as well be thinking of hiring us for a service. This is how content marketing work at a glance.
In view, you facilitate your site with a functioning search engine optimized blog, you post meaningful and useful articles, let Mr. Google and other search engine spiders crawl your site and have it indexed, let that curious and information hunting visitor Google something, then suddenly your site shows, up, the person get to read your content and there you go, you get a customer.
When you have a valuable and reasonable content, you buy more credible reputation online and before your potential customers so strive to make your content educating and meaningful.

6. Email Marketing:

Whatever you have in as content and more, you can package them and have it sent to a mailing list at set interval. This is another proven means of online marketing. The little drawback about this method is getting the mailing list. You can have people subscribe to your mailing list online or get them physically. The idea here is that you can actually market via email; this topic will be covered in another article to come.
There are endless means of social media marketing and advertising, but the above will give you a head start and meaningful result. You can as well try other means like vconnet.com and so on. You can as well invent your own social media marketing strategy or market, the key thing that you have interested target audience and keep your reputation credible at all time.

Other Points To Note:

Good brand design and identity is paramount:

Brand design and Identity is the starting point before considering any form of marketing, remember the way present your brand is the way you will be addressed. Try invest in quality corporate branding and communication, it goes a long way selling you to the world.
Invest in Good Graphics Design and Digital Photo:
Pictures speaks a thousand word. If you want to go far in social media marketing, you have to invest in powerful and unique graphic design for all your ads and content. In fact, I will advice you always put a picture in every post. You can also shop for high-resolution royalty free pictures online on Shutterstock, 123rf and so on.

Understand the 10 to 1 strategy:

There’s a proven 1 ratio 10 strategy that for every 10 potential client you reach, you are likely to close a deal with at least one. Then you see that the more customer you reach you more clients you have. This is just to broaden your faith and intensify your hard work on your social media marketing strategy.

Rome wasn’t build in a day, consistency is the key:

There is no magic in any form of marketing, if you see big brand buying off the TV with their ads, they are just trying to remind you of their existence everyday. Even if you can’t spend money in a day to market online, 65% of the means mentioned above require your consistency before your money. Be consistent, that is the only way your voice can be heard.

It’s not about the numbers, it the interaction:

Many people believe thousand or even millions of Twitter followers is they key to success, in this vein, they do shady things to get more followers. Do not run after getting a lot of followers strive to connect with potential client by looking for them, contacting them and relating with them. They get to follow your educating updates and they get to recommend you. It’s not magic, it’s a task to grow your business applying the consistency and creative rules.

In Conclusion

There are at least 3 billion users of Internet in the world today and there are about one-third of online user in your country. Isn’t that a good enough market?
If you need help putting up your own website, e-commerce site or even advertising online, you can contact us today, we’ll surely interpret your abstractions into profitable reality.

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